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At Reverie Mental Health, we understand that finding balance in life is difficult and often overwhelming. We're here to help you get there.

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Image of MacKenzie, a woman of European descent smiling at the camera

Hi, I'm MacKenzie Kampa, DNP, APRN.

I specialize in holistic mental health and perinatal psychiatry. I founded Reverie Mental Health to help you restore balance in your life. You deserve to experience a deep sense of well-being instead of feeling burned out, stressed, and tired.

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Image of MacKenzie, a woman of European descent smiling at the camera

I see and treat the whole you.

My holistic approach helps you understand the root of what ails you. I incorporate medicine, natural remedies, lasting changes to nutrition, physical activity, and sleep, and supportive psychotherapy to support the connection between your mind and body.

At Reverie Mental Health, we don't just treat your symptoms; we clarify and address the root causes. Your mental well-being deserves more than just a prescription.

What people say about Reverie

Thank you for everything. You have seriously turned my life around and I wouldn't be feeling as good as I do if it wasn't for you.


I told my daughter she needs to come see you because of how much of a positive impact you've had on my mental health. I feel lighter and happier now. Thank you.


You took me seriously and heard my concerns when other people were dismissive of my feelings.


Names have been changed to protect patient privacy.

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